“How do I manage all my contacts and send the right message, to the right person, at the right time?”

FULL CRM: Leads, Clients & Partners

Challenge: How do I manage all my contacts and send the right message, to the right person, at the right time?

Solution: Unify has a full-suite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System integrated with the Marketing Automation System and all platform tools.

Results: You nurture relationships from Prospects to Raving Fans and develop lifetime Clients and Partners.


Challenge: I’m on the go. I need the ability to access Unify from my phone.

Solution: My Unify CRM is a full function App for Apple and Android devices.

Results: Unify is in your pocket. You will be effective anywhere at anytime at your convenience.

“I Want to Create Meaningful Relationships with Prospects, Clients and Partners. I Do Not Have the Time to Create Content Myself”


Challenge: I need to create relationships with prospects, clients and partners, but I do not have time to create content and send emails to them myself.

Solution: Unify’s automated Virtual Marketing Assistant.

Results: Loan officers that use the Unify multi-channel marketing automation approach often double or triple their customer retention.


Challenge: I need to reach out to my clients quickly and easily via text messaging.

Solution: Unify has an integrated texting capability that is easy to use.

Results: Texting is a highly efficient way to stay in touch during the loan process and provides a great Customer Experience.


Challenge: How do I use video marketing to build relationships with clients and reach new prospects?

Solution: With Unify’s built-in video solution, you record videos right from your PC or mobile device.

Results: Your prospects, clients, realtors and partners will now receive a personalized video from you that is effective and impactful.


Challenge: My business is booming. To keep up, my teams need new ways to dramatically increase productivity.

Solution: Workflows is a state-of-the-art tool to create automated processes that execute 24/7.

Results: Your entire team will stay on top of what is important and be highly productive.

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"How Do I Easily Transfer the Information in my Loan Origination System and Point of Sale?"


Challenge: How do I easily transfer the information in my Loan Origination System and Point of Sale?

Solution: Unify integrates with all the major LOS systems and SimpleNexus.

Results: You can easily access and share LOS and POS information to stay connected to clients, partners and team members to close more loans faster.

“I Want to Stop Losing Past Clients to Competitors and be Notified When My Clients are in the Market for a New Loan.”


Challenge: I want to stop losing past clients to competitors and be notified when my contacts and clients are in the market for a new loan.

Solution: Unify actively mines your data and alerts you when a client credit report is pulled. Everything is integrated versus combining piecemeal software.

Results: LOs use these Hot Lead Alerts to reach out to their clients and close business that would have escaped them. The ROI on Mortgage Inquiry Alerts is often 1000% or more.


Challenge: I need a system to increase my productivity and efficiently manage and convert more leads for a steady pipeline.

Solution: Unify’s Rainmaker selling process and tools give you everything you need to accelerate leads by prioritizing your tasks and follow-up.

Results: Loan officers that use Rainmaker become top producers.


Challenge: I struggle to stay in touch with my clients to nurture lifetime relationships.

Solution: Unify has automated Email campaigns and Direct Mail capabilities with 1, 3, and 5-year campaign spans.

Results: You set-up automated direct mail campaigns that reinforce your email drip and calling campaigns to have Clients for life!


Loan Originator adoption and sustained use is a critical part of growing your business.

We created special onboarding training programs for each Unify user type. We offer ongoing live training sessions to stay up to date and grow your business to the Next Level.

“How Do I Make Sure My Data and Systems are Secure and Meet All Compliance Requirements?”


Challenge: How do I make sure my data and systems are secure and meet all compliance requirements?

Solution: The entire Unify platform is SOC II Type II certified, Experian EIPA3 Certified, and have built-in mortgage-related compliance features.

Results: You will have Management Oversight and Sign-off, CAN-SPAM adherence, Disclaimer Management, Complete Audit Record of all marketing activities, State Licensed Marketing and Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance.

Send the Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time.”

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